I know it is a bit strange sometimes, but when I wrote it, I was in a strange mood. Please tell me what you think of it, and what it makes you think of.

The sunset, beautiful sunset, reminds me of you
The sunset makes me lonenely, makes me cry, I’de love to cry.
Want to shatter, want to explode, and paint the walls red.
Blood, dripping from the walls, moistening the carpet, raining from the vault.

Music, has paralyzed my mind, and took me away
Nothing, nothing left to live for, nothing left to say.
Taking, taking a trip, rising up to the sky.
Music keeps on banging, I will keep on screaming, screaming for relief

I’m crying, crying to the stars, colliding on the ground, burrying my pride.
Wonder, where is the wonder, yes I need a wonder. Where are you?
Waiting, waiting for the earthquake, waiting for the gunshot, waiting for the truth.
Take me, take me away, away from this dream.