Hey, I recently purchased the Tascam US-122L interface to use with my Windows XP computer for direct guitar recording. I've installed the drivers without a problem, the computer and audition recognise the hardware. The monitoring system via plugging headphones into the tascam also works. However, when i've armed the track for recording and set it up ready to record in audition, i press record and time doesn't proceed. It says recording but the time doesn't increase. The same happens when i press play. Odder still is that i tested out Audacity to see if it was just audition, but the same problem occurs. Anyone have any ideas?
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hmm, that's a strange one...
I suggest first making sure you have the latest drivers for your product from the Tascam site.

It is a strange issue because it seems the interface is working fine since you hear audio from it but at the same time the interface seems to be causing the problems with all of the sequencers.

If the latest drivers don't work I suggest having some of the other members chime in with their thoughts and if that still doesn't fix the problem you can email or call Tascam as it could be a hardware issue with your interface.