Does anyone know what chorus Alex used? I know he has an electric mistress flanger that is not what I'm talking about. Thanks.
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He initially used the Boss CE-1, but he moved on to the Boss Dimension C.
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The "Classic Chorus" setting on a Marshall Regenerator is very good at getting the Xanadu/2112 era chorus sound. About the only good thing about that pedal!
the MXR Stereo chorus actually has a suggested setting called "Rush Rock" and it sounds really Rush-esque. but the MXR stereo chorus does have it's downsides.
1: 18 volt operation. needs two batteries or a special adaptor
2: pricey. a lot more costly than it's boss counterpart the Chorus Ensemble.

but it's totally worth it if you can put up with those two little things.
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Live, Big Al is still using the TC-Electronics 1210. On Moving Pictures he used a LOFT chorus for almost everything. Limelight is great example of the LOFT.
The Boss CE-1 is a great chorus sound based on the original JC-100 and prolly the least expensive way to go to get a great Lifeson chorus tone.

Edit: If you happen to find a LOFT, let me know...They are extremely rare.
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