is a 15watt tube amp loud enough for gigging?

i don't gig right now but will be for a performance in school and also sometime soon in the future don't want to upgrade to a bigger amp for atleast a few years.

So yeah, is a 15w tube amp worthy of gigging and playing at bedroom levels?

Oh and i don't want to have to mic it up and that

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I would consider upgrading to at least a 25 watter if you're usuing tubes and plan on gigging.
If you mean "nice tones" as in tube break up, you better give up already unless you got some serious cash to spend.

There are barely no tube amps that breaks up at low volumes, especially not a 15(!!!) watter.
I have a 7 watt amp with a switch which makes it possible to go down to 1 watt and 1/4 of a watt, and at 1/4 I can get tube break up at, how should I put it... "acoustic guitar volumes"?
But then again, that's because it's only 1/4 of a watt, and even at the 7 watt mode, it starts to break up when the volume is about 2. So low wattage combined with a pretty "hot" amp, equals tube break up at low volumes.

So I'd say go for a 25 watt or maybe even higher (tube amp that is), because there is no chance you'll get "nice tones" out of any of them at bedroom volumes, but atleast a 25 watt amp can stay clean at gigging volumes.
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ok thanks for that

but nice tones. will i be able to get them at bedroom levels if i used pedals?

i dont want to be wasting my money because im mainly using my amp right now only for bedroom use and my next amp (tube) will probobly be used for the same thing untill i get a band going which could be in weeks, months or years, i don't know
The concept that tube amps sound like rubbish at anything but 10 is rubbish. True tube amps sound best when they're cranked, but I'd still take a 30 or 50 tube amp over an SS at bedroom volumes.

15 is loud enough, but if you want cleans at gigging volumes I would get something a bit higher wattage.
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