i am looking into weber amps and was wondering if anyone knows how good there amp kits are compared to ceriatone and the other amp building kits.....thanks
I can't speak from personal experience of owning one, but I have thoroughly researched these kits.

Word on the net is that the componants included are low quality compared to other kits like ceriatone: transformers, caps, etc. are all pretty low quality. The company itself is reputable and not hard to deal with if you run into any problems.

My opinion: if you want to do a cheap starter kit for the pure experience of building one, then a low-end webber would be ok, but you could probably source the parts (sans chassis and cabinet) for a lot less on your own and then simply use webber's free schematics and wiring diagrams. If you want to recreate a specific vintage amp because it's your dream amp and want to save money with a kit, go to another company, because the quality of the componants in the weber kit's isn't something most people want in their "dream amp."

I know it's because I'm lazy, but I'm still considering doing a low-end american voiced weber kit, just so that I don't have to take the effort to source the parts, and then also fabricate a chassis and cabinet for the thing.
I've heard Ceriatones are much better. I mean, I've heard a Weber JTM45 before and it sounds ok, but I've also heard the quality isn't up to par with other kits.

What kind of amp are you looking at?
i just lost a bid on ebay for an 18 watt ceriatone with a greenback.....but either an 18 watt or there bluesbreaker combo...but i could just buy a 62 marshall bluesbreaker combo reissue...wich do you think is the best value/tone
I wouldn't say the bluesbreaker is better than the 18 watter or vice versa, they actually sound pretty similar with subtle differences in voicing.
im just a fraid the bluesbreaker (Marshall) is gonna be to loud for when im not gigging..can it do a zepplieny sound without being cranked
Quote by MW516
im just a fraid the bluesbreaker (Marshall) is gonna be to loud for when im not gigging..can it do a zepplieny sound without being cranked

Depends what you consider "too loud."

For a gig I can't turn up my JTM45 without a sound guy making me turn it down.

Yet, if I'm at my parent's house (where I keep that amp) I can crank it because I have a very large (size of an over-sized 3 car garage), sound proofed home theater room. Is it loud? Hell yes, it will leave my ears ringing if I play it for an extended amount of time, but I can turn it up inside the house regardless, and I do turn it up when I go home to play that amp. Otherwise, I have to use a small practice amp when I'm at school.

The 18 watter is hardly quiet, don't be deceived by the wattage, old Marshall amps are ridiculously loud. THAT would be an amp that you could realistically use at most gigs and turn up to an acceptable level. And even if you're playing at home, unless you have a big room, you really cannot crank it without it disturbing others.