Cream Fender Strat
Wayne's World 2 Special Edition (Unique Special Edition Backplate)
Excellent Condition
£300 or nearest offer

I'm based in Cambridge, UK

that looks really good
too bad i'm not in the uk
good luck selling though
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oh dude, i just had a 'stop torturing yourself' moment. if i had the money!
how old? usa or mex? might be interested bud, I only live the other side of newmarket.....
sorry mate, havent had an internet connection last couple of days. really thinking hard about it.... but off to uni in a couple of weeks, so could do with not spending that kind of cash, but is really tempting though. hmm....
hello mate, is it still for sale. You possibly interested in trades? What you want? haha
not really interested in trades im afraid.
I'm saving for a macbook/macbook pro so theres not much room for negotiation on price i'm afraid.
Unless anyones willing to trade for macbook/pro for guitar + £££ then no trades really.
Sorry to be an ass.
What price were you thinking?