I have always liked Jazz a alot as well as blues, lately i have been listening to Jazz non stop mainly cuz i got a new jazz guitar :P Neway i recently bought time out by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, amazing album, anyone else think so?

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I know that take 5 is probably my favorite Jazz tune ever, thats about it

if their stuff is all that good I'd like to hear that album

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rondo a la turk is my favorite track. I used to listen to the album more but haven't in a long time, it was a good gateway into jazz for me but it seems a little light. Paul Desmond is a beast on saxophone but I don't care much for Brubeck's soloing.
I think that its a dire album. If you take away Take 5, the Quartet wouldn't be at all well known. They used complex key signatures but for me, its awful.

They just struck lucky with Take 5
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