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On to the subject: I tried tapping some different songs, but I never get it, my amp ain't making any sound! Am I doing something wrong, or have I got a ****ty amp?
Tap harder, use more distortion. The link RCalisto posted is nice too.
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distortion is NOT needed. at all. it's even possible to tap without the amp connected. all you need is accuracy, and a decent amount of strength. to get both, you just need to practice correctly and slowly, or in other words, DON'T MISS A NOTE.
It's hard to tell what's wrong from just that...
Doesn't your amp typically cut out/make no sound when playing other stuff?
By "no sound" do you mean total lack out any output...or just no discernable notes?

For starters..I guess I would say, just try tapping with no amp or anything. Contrary to what so many people seem to believe...you don't even need an amp to practice effectively. Just playing unplugged, you should still be able to clearly hear all the notes that you're playing....it may not be loud, but the notes are still all there.
So if you can hear ALL of the notes that you're tapping WITH OUT any amp at all...then your playing is probably not the sole culprit. If you're tapping with no amp & don't hear any notes at all..then your technique is most likely at fault.
Either way...one habit that you do not want to get into, is relying on "distortion" or volume to make your notes project properly. IMO, spending a fair amount of time playing with either a clean tone OR unplugged is a good thing. Get your notes to project properly without all the sonic aids & it will sound that much better with a cranked amp.