Hi guys, I currently have a GT-8 and a Randall R212CX 2X12 Cab. Im looking to get a power amp so I can use my GT-8 straight thru the cab so it can be used like this at gigs. It'll need to be powerful enough for gigging when the cab is mic'ed and un mic'ed. Anyone have any suggestions for specific power amps or suggestions of the specs of power amps I should be looking at.

Price range? Styles?
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price range - prob about 300-500 (thats uk pounds, im in scotland) but really looking for something as cheap as possible thatll do the job. and i play in a pearl jam tribute band and a death metal band, so rock and metal really

May want to check out Atomic amps. All the POD guys at Line 6 forum rave about them. Should be good with a GT 8 also.
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Peavey Classic 50/50 tends to go alright. You should be able to find a used marshall EL84 20/20 or EL34 50/50 in your price range.
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