I'm going to replace the neck on my bastard-strat.

I wanted a V-neck with a 9.5 or ideally a 12" radius. However, the only strat neck that seems to offer this is the erick johnson neck, but it is out of my price range. So I guess I'll have to compromise. I absolutely hate the CBS large headstock so I can't go for american standard or highway one necks.

This leaves me with:
classic player's 50 (V-neck, but 7.5 radius)
American deluxe neck (C-shaped 9.5 radius)

Has anyone had any experiences with these necks or knows of other V-shaped necks other than the classic player and the EJ.

Secondly I would like to know if you guys know of any companies that make custom necks. I know warmoth does em and it came out exactly to 400 what I was looking at, but i actually wanted the fender logo on it lol. I know it's shallow of me but I cant help it >_<
http://www.allparts.com/store/necks-guitar-necks,category.asp - they have the profile and fretboard radius you need.

Another option is Musikraft: https://www.musikraft.com/store.php?pg1-cid52.html Better prices than Warmoth with the same high quality and customization.

Mighty Mite is a hit and miss, the 2 that I got from them required tweaking/sanding of the neck heel to fit properly on Fender bodies. Also, there's a Mighty Mite thread at TDPRI about the same issues, warping, and MM's "customer service". YMMV.

Your next best option is eBay. You'll definitely not spend close to $400 to get a real Fender neck.

Good Luck.

Wow musickraft looks very nice. I'll probably order from them I figure paying 425 bucks or whatever for a top quality neck is better than probably a custom shop neck that will cost twice as much. 10-12" compound radius clapton V neck with medium jumbo frets, abalone inlays, all on a one piece vintage nitro finished quarter sawn neck. woot! lol thanks guys