can i watch youtube videos on my psp and also can i play audio files like a song on my profile. i tried to play these on my psp but it says i need to download latest version of flash.
no, you cant unless you have a downgraded psp with v1.5, but if you have that you can download a program called psptube that will allow you to watch downloaded youtube videos.

hope that helps
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you can download youtube videos with firefox, then use videora ipod converter and convert them to PSP mpg4 files. I'm not sure how to put those on to the psp tho, try teh googlez.
without a pc you need either firmware 1.5 or a pandora battery that you can use to get custom firmware its worthit when you get it trust me, then you can download psptube to watch them without having to download them on a pc, convert them and put them on

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