I was looking at one in a catalog the other day,and was thinking about getting one,just for a little side guitar..But I saw that it was made of plywood.Isn't that kinda bad?If anybody has any experience with these guitars,could you please give some input.Thank you.
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Danelectro's are for the win. Hands down. If plywood worries you, buy diamond board and screw it to it.
which one were u looking at?

and id say yes get one, iv got 2 and i love em'

and i wouldn't wory about the wood, the tone from these guitars is beautiful, the only draw back is crappy sustain
Cool as hell guitars. I'd like one for gigging and stuff when I get back from Korea.
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The crappy wood is partly responsible for their distinct sound. When my rig is kind of complete, I'm buying whatever reissue they're putting out that year.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
They are brilliant guitars, and have always been that way. I'm guessing you seen the DC59, which has actually gotten better throughout the years.
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Plywood help give it that attack, and the lack of sustain as well, it is intrinsic for the guitar, orelse you might buy les paul copy for that price.