Yup, another problem i've been experiencing with my guitar lately is the increased fret buzz. It wasn't this bad before but now my every other chord i play seems to buzz. I've gotta really press down on the strings till my fingers hurt to get past the buzzing. Again, wasn't this bad before, the guitar had quite a smooth action. It just seems to have deteriorated over the years...

So what could this problem be? Like a friend of mine said it could be a problem with the tuss rod of the guitar. Though i don't know much bout it all. It just gets absolutely bad if i try to tune my guitar below drop d. Its mostly the problem with chords though, doesn't buzz if i try any soloing. But chords with more than 2-3 different notes in it, chances are atleast one of those notes will end up buzzing. Sounds pretty horrible too when it does.

Oh and its an Ibanez RG321, just in case...
i have that guitar. it has terrible fret buzz issues. i plan to take it to a luthier for a full set-up and a nut replacement. oh, and google is your friend.


EDIT: if you use 10-46 gauge, there would be minimal fret buzz on drop D tuning. i suggest you go for a heavier gauge for drop tuning.
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yeah, i do use gauge 10 strings... I think they could be a problem...

Thanks for the post...
It does sorta buzz when i strum it hard which probably is a set up problem. I don't know anything about the setting up a guitar and as i this is the only electric guitar i've got, i wouldn't wanna try doing it myself n ruin things more... But i'll try with heavier strings n if it still persists (which i'm quite likely sure it will), i'ld hafta take it to a professional dude to fix it...

Ooh, and you do have exactly the same guitar as mine.
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yep i also have the same guitar and have had fret buzz issues since i got it even in standard tuning with 10-46 strings. I have had it fret dressed and set up and the buzz still wasn't gone completely but was fine when played through the amp but now its gotten worse again im just saving to buy a new guitar im a bit annoyed with it really but nevermind its fine for learning on.
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