So, I was reading about different scales just now to break out of the pentatonic mindset. I was fooling around and I came with this Persian sounding lick.


What kind of scale is this and how is it used in music?
like a G phrygian with a raised seventh? . Or a C sharp minor with a flat fifth. Or I don't know really.
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G Phrygian dominant with a raised 3rd.

Sorry didn't answer your second question. Phrygian and Phrygian dominant are used in metal and rock music a lot. Although because of their exotic and almost Spanish sound they are used in Flamenco quite often. As far as solos go; I tend to hear more of them in Phrygian dominant.
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C - D# - F# - G - Ab - B
C harmonic minor with a random chromatic tone?

it would be C D Eb F G Ab B
it has a an aug 4th.