Hello all,

I'm going to guitar center to get a electric guitar value pack. Questions is what should I get. I know I should probably do a search to ask this but I do not have much time. I have not picked up a guitar in years so just getting back into it.

What would you recommend for me under 400.00 with decent quality. Also is there any place better than guitar center? I live in Dallas/Fort Worth

$400.00 for a starter pack!? o.O

Pick up an Ibanez Grg for $200 and a Line 6 Spider 15 watt for $100 (They are pretty good beginner amps, don't believe everything you hear).
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Get a microcube
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Any Cube is the way to go
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i love green day,sure they're mostly power cords but for begginer,good they are
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What about this.

It be a lot better for you to get what I suggested, but if you really don't care about quality (which really isn't a big deal anyway, seeing as you're a total beginner) then that's fine I guess.

The difference is the stuff I suggested you could upgrade later (guitar) or keep as a cool practice amp (amp), you wouldn't really want to do that with the stuff in the starter pack, but then again that comes with some other extras.