Hey pitmonkeys, I had my wisdom teeth cut out about 4 days ago and they're still pretty swollen and painful, you guys know any tricks to take care of the swelling and pain?
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Take too many painkillers and drink loads of milkshake. That's what i did when I got mine removed. In retrospect, I had an awesome couple of days.
you'll have too wait for quite a long time, for me it took almost 2-3 weeks of pain and before i could chew normally again
The wisdom teeth are at the back right?

My teeth are pretty ****ed up, I have 2 rows like a shark, but only 2 teeth behind the front ones if you know what I mean.
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Sleep, vicodin, milkshakes.

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they say to put like a pinch of salt into a glass of warm water... and swish it around in your mouth for like a min or something

oh and if you have a milkshake... dont use a straw... my gf had hers out and she drank a soda from a straw and her mouth started bleeding again