I've taken a clip of a song (not mine) and posted it here: http://nmh.dmusic.com.

I find the production on this to be pretty phenomenal, and I'm a huge fan of the way the producer has the vocal tone progressively change. Can anybody here help me pinpoint what he's doing with the vocals? In particular, especially at the end (which is the prechorus, where I cut it off).

Mucho thanks.
Doesn't sound like many FX are used on that vocal track.
Some standard delay mostly...

For that "Perfect sense" line it's what I call that "radio tone". To get this type of tone:
- Cut the high and low end using any EQ and then boost the mids a little while you're there.
- Take out the delay
- and try adding some distortion to give it some more "grain"

Every EQ is a little different and so you have to mess around with yours to get close to the exact tone but it is possible.
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It sounds like there are some effects slowly added towards the end, circa "not to blame", right before "practice makes perfect". is this all in my head?