I've got to do some research for my product design coursework, and I need to find out how hot a bulb gets in order to select which plastic I can use that won't melt.

I need to know the temperature of a halogen bulb that has been running for around half an hour or it's maximum temperature.

Anybody know where I can find this information other than testing it myself?


If you've have tried it, sorry.
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is that the feels like tempurature, or the actual?

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uhm its approximately 100.256 degrees..... Kelvin....
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uhm its approximately 100.256 degrees..... Kelvin....

That would make it about -173 degrees Celsius, if you're gonna try to bullsh!t him, at least do it in a convincing manner.
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Can't u just use a plastic that you know has a high softening point?

I need to show that I've taken temperature into account and chosen the right plastic
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Anyhow. It gets up to about 60-80 degrees Celsius. But that's the max - I mean I don't know how much it goes when it's been working 30 minutes only.

One thing's clear - you can't boil water with a light bulb
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Just use PVC. It has a melting point of like, 80oC.. which i guess is more than a bulb