I've been out of the Ibanez market since the late 80's and played a Ibanez RG2550 Prestige at the store the other day. Man, it seems like the whammy bar (Edge Zero bridge) is a lot stiffer then the old Floyd Rose's I remember...I hated the feel of it. Question is, are all the Ibanez models like this now or do they have some models that are easier to use the whammy with?
With my previous experience with the ZR, you have to "break it in."

It'll take a bit, but eventually it loosens up.
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With my previous experience with the ZR, you have to "break it in."

It'll take a bit, but eventually it loosens up.

He's talking about the Edge Zero, not the ZR.

Don't know man, I haven't tried that new Edge yet. But I'm sure someone in the forums will be able to help.
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Stiff trem action or stiff whammy bar, as in the actual arm?

If it's the former, the stiffness of a fulcrum trem depends mostly on the gauge (and thus tension) of the strings - seeing how the leverage points on most tremolos are pretty much the same... If you felt a huge difference between EZ and the OFR, then the Ibanez likely had a heavier string gauge than what you're used to. With 9-42s, I couldn't say that it feels different from the original Edge.

If it's the unlikely latter, then it has the arm tension adjustment device.
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It's because of the trem-setter. The ZR's have them along with the Zeros. It adds some extra springs to resist when pushing down the bar but not pulling up. Take it out and it should have a feel similar to an OFR.
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Rather ironic isn't it, since it's called the "Zero Resistance" trem.

Yeah, except it's an Edge Zero, not a ZR.
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You gotta deflower the trem.

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