Poll: if you've tried 'em which of these are best?
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View poll results: if you've tried 'em which of these are best?
Live wire dave mustaine
1 20%
AHB-2 blackouts metal
1 20%
2 40%
dimarzio x2n
1 20%
dimarzio d activator x
1 20%
dimarzio evolutions
4 80%
emg 81's
1 20%
emg 85's
1 20%
Voters: 5.
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well for my style, emg 81/60 sets work great, or an 81/85. probably the best metal pickup of all time in my opinion, and the 60 sounds quite good clean too. it had a very full sound to it. although i know the importance of other pickups. for instance i wouldnt go play blues with my EMGs, id get a single coil strat or a hollowbody with nonactive pickups.
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