Well, I wrote this song some hours ago, after a convo with MarchOfEternity, and him mentioning Pink Floyd and the "Alternative Escapism". So thanks you for letting me use this as a title. Musically, it´s inspired by Pink Floyd and has a "Improvisation" Section with 4 repeats: 1 for Guitar (duh), 1 for Bass, 1 for Keyboard and 1 for Drums in a 1/1 scheme. Have a nice listen! C4C as always, the more you write, the more I´ll write back.

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The intro did seem to drag a little and I wasn't overly fond of the guitar solo (I didn't like the way the groove cut out when it began and the style wasn't really my thing), but the epilogue bits were the grooviest proggy thing I've ever listened to. Very, very good.
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The piano line in the intro is kind of weird. When the Prelude comes in, it sounds really nice because how gently it glides into the Epilogue. The Epilogue is really cool, with the different pans of the chords and such. It's fun on my ears. The bass line is pretty cool too. The synth lines and the piano lines fit in nicely too. You can barely notice the time signature changing, it's subtle, but flows great and sounds awesome.
Like said above, the groove cutting out when the solo starts isn't cool. I think, however, the rhythm of the solo is really cool. The solo is written nicely. The pause of the rhythm in the middle is PERFECT, but it just doesn't fit in right before the solo.
The ending is kind of boring and I don't like the crazy piano chords, like the intro.

Overall, it flows VERY well and is all put together awesome. As I was listening, I just felt like it could be some background music to a Final Fantasy game as you are sneaking around dark alleyways in a dark city... yeah. haha. It's an awesome song though, great job. I'm gonna listen to it again cause it's awesome.

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The intro was quite boring, and I wasn't fond of the piano. If I'm totally honest.

The prelude was cool, the panned guitars were cool. The piano is there, that needs sorting out. That ruins it a bit.

The bass line was weird aswell, I'm not sure if I like it or not.

The solo was okay, sort of jazz meets rock... sort of.
Epilogue was okay, again. The piano though...

The improvisation section was okay, by this time that thing with the Dm bar chord and the dodgy piano is getting really boring.

The ending was abrubt... it should just fade out and leave the piano going (If you insist on having it. That piano ruined the whole song. It's far too dissonant, even for my ears).

I hate to say it, because you've shown you can writing amazing songs. But I wasn't fond of this. The piano really put me off, and it got a bit boring and repeatative.

5/10. I spose if it's your genre, it's fine. But eh, I wasn't fond.

I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
No prob. I like critism. Gonna write some more "amazing" songs next time. I just wanted to try this kinda genre out
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

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Banned for being the coolest April 08'er on UG.

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Right, I'll crit whilst I'm listening to it

First thing, the intro drags on quite a lot... it'd probably sound better if it was at twice that speed, but I can see why you kept it slow, cos it goes with next part when the guitars comes in... could've just repeated it once?

Something sounds a bit off at bar 28, dunno if this was intentional?

I quite like this solo

The transition into the epilogue could've been a bit better, wasn't too shabby tho

I take it the improvisation bit implies there should be an improv solo there yea?

The outro, same as the intro, keeps that theme there I guess, it's still a bit slow tho ¬.¬

Overall, quite good
7.5/10 (Y)

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