ok, so i have a used gibson les paul standard coming in the mail soon and im really wanting an overdrive pedal. but which one?
i play a marshall jtm-30 (ive heard its pretty much a jcm900) and i have a mxr distortion+ ive never been to happy with, and im also anting to buy a strat sometime soon, so im thinking, what are some good overdrive pedals that would be great for both a strat and les paul with a marshall amp for classic rock, up to classic metal tones? i was thinking maybe something along the lines of a maxon tubescreamer or fulltone fulldrive 2 (which ive heard is like a tubescreamer) since im hoping for more SRV type tones when i get a strat, but i also have heard great things about the fulltone ocd, fulltone distorion pro, and others.
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fulltone fulldrive sounds really good. try it out

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boss blues driver bd-2 sounds great
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The Fulltone is an admirable unit, a lot more organic sounding than most overdrives on the market. Also consider the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive for it's versatility (808 Tube Screamer clone that blends with a clean boost). Another option is the Hermida ZenDrive which is possibly the smoothest sounding OD on the planet, but at a cost: you either sit on a waiting list for months or pay close to twice the list price for a used one.
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i use a ts9 tubescreamer with both my strat and my les paul through my peavey bandit 112 and it would work good for classic rock but it wouldnt be as good if you would be using it for metal
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i use a ts9 tubescreamer with both my strat and my les paul through my peavey bandit 112 and it would work good for classic rock but it wouldnt be as good if you would be using it for metal

thats because your using a peavey bandit, in combination with a good amp it pushes it into metal territory
SRV used Ibanez tubescreamers (TS-9, TS-808, TS-10)
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If you're looking for SRV tone I would say Ibanez tubescreamer. You can get nice bluesy tones out of it plus use as a boost with the marshall overdrive to get you a lot of gain.
Something that isn't quite common knowledge is that SRV commonly used Dumble Steel String Slinger amplifiers for many of his recordings (IIRC, everything on his first album was recorded with one). Basically the Tube Screamers were used to add some additional grit to a very smooth sounding amp. Since you have a much grittier sounding amp it would make sense to invest in a smoother OD to emulate his tone, hence my recommendation for the ZenDrive earlier.
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I have a Visual Sound Double Trouble, and it works nicely for an SRV sound, I'd be disappointed if it didn't, because that's what it's designed for.
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