so, i had finally gotten my own bass (had been bumming our band's singers for a while now...), and yesterday we were recording and found that the high end intonation is pretty screwy.

so, anybody know how to fix that? me and another guy from my band said it might be the truss rod, someone else said change the strings and see, anyone else have any suggestions?

also, how much does it cost to get a truss rod adjusted if it needs to be?
might be the toss rod might be the bridge, so take it to a shop and get it set up, it wont cost much, wont be more than a set of strings.
what bass did you get anyways?
Truss rods are easy to adjust; big allen key and small turns in whichever direction it needs turning: "lefty loosy, righty tighty". Look down the guitar from the headstock though, because you only need to adjust the truss rod if the neck's warped.

Adjust the saddles at the bridge dependent on whether the notes are sharp or flat at the high end. If it doesn't seem to be making a difference, change the srings, then adjust the saddles again.

If you don't feel confident doing any of this, take it to a shop and get it set up by them. But expect it to cost between £50 and £80 dependent on what gets done and whetehr they change strings or not and all that jazz.
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since you just got your bass, and you dont actually know what the problem is, i would suggest you go to a shop. Inexperienced truss rodders can permanently damage the neck.
Goodluck mate:P
its not that i just got into bass, ive been playing for a long time, and have been playing guitar for even longer thatn i have bass, its just this is the first time ive ever had this problem.

but yeah, im gonna take it that the shop as soon as i can.