Right, so i was thinkin about getting a Pro Co Rat 2 for my overdrive/distortion, but i then discovered that it used an unusual power adaptor and i cant find anywhere in the uk who sell this adaptor- if anyone on here knows where i can get an adaptor for it in the UK, i am eternally grateful!
But anyways, if i cant get hold of an adaptor, i was thinkin I might get a Boss OS2 instead. Suggestions for alternatives / advice please?
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Get a rat kit from build your own clone and build a rat yourself.
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Anyone with internet access can get the correct adapter. You could even contact ProCo.
The Rat is probably the best distortion for the money IMO. I've done side by side comparisons with my Rat vs several other distortion pedals, & the only one close was the Fulltone Fulldrive 2, but it costs twice as much. Use 9v batteries til you get a power supply!
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