Hi, I never had any combo before, so I confused about it.

1. Want to play nu, hardcore or something like.

2. No matter how much amp costs if it have worth behaviour for its price.

3. Though, I am interested in middle price range in the first place. I already heard that "mesa rocks", but now want to learn something about amps which not so expensive.

I'd be glad to get any advice.
What's your price range and where do you live?
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Go to your local store and try a bunch out, and find the tone that suits you. But my suggestion to you if your saying price is no object if its worth it, get a mesa. also if your looking to play hardcore stuff look at the Peavey 6505's. I'm a fan.
I got the Peavey 6505 212 combo. I'm pretty happy with it. I bought a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal, though. I found that the on-board EQ doesn't do much to the overall sound unless it's drastically changed, but that's just my ears.
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