I own a marshall MG50DFX and no sound is coming out of it. It's not the guitar or the jack because I've tried them both on a friends amp. When I turn the volume up all the way sound comes out, but it's very low and it sounds awful. When I turn the amp on i hear the fan go on and the light turns on. I've owned the amp for 6 months and have had no prior problems. any ideas?
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I own a marshall MG50DFX

sorry but it's true, mg's have horrible reliability. But it could also be something else, try different cables and make sure that your guitar's volume is up
That sound is God telling you that you made a bad choice.

In all seriousness, they dont last very long, and most tech's will not even attempt to repair them.
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The best thing to do would be to take it to a tech and have them look at it and see how much it would cost to fix. If it costs more than $100 to fix I would just save up for a new amp.