Ok i have a Toneblaster half stack.. and dont get me wrong i know verry well its not the greatest amp haha. but anyways im currently using a boss metal zone mt 2 borrowed from a friend. The problem is that when i use the pedal in my 50watt hughes & kettner i get decent tone with really really heavy distortion, but now if i use the pedal through my toneblaster on the same settings it just seems like there is much less sustain and fair amount less of distorion... ive screwed around with settings and the eq's and all that but nothing worked.. i know that the toneblaster may have less sustain and all that but i dont get why it would cut off some of the distortion like that which is coming from a pedal... would anyone know how to fix this if possible... thx
Those amps are different. You have to make the amp settings the same on both amps to get it to be even close to the same. Even then, it will probably sound a lot different
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