I have played for almost 2 years and i have a 89$ guitar and its time I find a replacement. What would be a good intermediate guitar in the price rande of 250$-400$??? I favor acoustic classical rock songs or i'll hop on the alternative rock bandwagon. I play alot of John Cougar, Springsteen, Matchbox 20, eagles, bob seager, etc. If that helps.
Don't go for $250-400 cuz that sounds like you're looking for an epiphone. Try a hollowbody like maybe a Gretsch or even a Tom Delogne Signature..
what do you mean acoustic classical rock? like folk rock or classic rock or what? and by favor do you mean that is all your going to play or just what you want to get closer tones to and that what you play seriously. either way save to at least five hundred and if that is what you want to play seriously get a semi hollow body or a strat and add a piezo. i would do strat and piezo but you would probably want to make the piezo yourself. also the electric guitar forum next time