Hey, not sure this is in the right place but not sure where else to put it.

I'm in a small local band, there are three of us, all guitarists, the singer/lead guitarist is my guitar teacher and the former teacher of our third member. He is in his 50s and recently asked me if I could try and come up with some modern rock songs for us to start playing as we usually play 60s and 70s stuff but a lot of the places that we play at have younger people who don't know most of the songs we play.

My problem is, I don't listen to much that he could sing due to age(he can't cope with high notes, or fast lyrics or rough vocals too well), but we don't want to play stuff that everyone else plays, for example a lot of our local bands play Rockstar by Nickelback, so far the only songs we are considering are Through Glass by Stone Sour and Times Like These

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Why not look at some things like Oasis, Blur, and if it's the right sort of thing like Kaiser Chiefs and The Fratellis?

I guess they're maybe not really modern rock but they're the first things that came to mind
Let it die - foo fighters
something from 3 doors down
Forever and Always - bullet from my valentine (if you don't like drop-C play the acoustic version)
Stuff from the Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down. Hell it'd probably be easier to do alt. rock songs, maybe some Weezer?
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oar - crazy game of poker, hey girl, city on down
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Anything by chris cornell, mad easy

seriously tho:
I am Mine, Wishlist by Pearl Jam
Generator -Foo Fighters
other that I'm too lazy to think of
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everlong by the foo fighters would be great.
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Pretty much any Audioslave songs.

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Wonderwall. Super easy to play too.
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School - Nirvana. A total of 14 words in the whole song
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