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---Sweet Relief.---

I swear my dignity will die in this queue
"Stand still!"
"I can't"
"Well fine but i'm not associating with you"

Finally! Im in
But quickly vanish into echoes of
"Get me a drink"
That resound through the din

Some insecure shmuck's waiting
Too timid to push the limits of personal space
Squeeze shoulder to bicep between the two biggest guys in the whole goddamn place

No time to stand on ceremony though
If so i'd have spent more with the girl at the stile
Who kindly swapped Ten old pounds
For a stamp and half hearted smile

"Excuse me"
Through muttered breath
As i fight the pressure
That was almost too much those last few steps

In the trough a plastic cup
Quarter full sailing two cigarette butts
Twin satisfaction as i let go
Sweet relief
And watching the tides over flow

---A Grim Conversationalist---

moving in the dark...
please stop...


There's no going back for you now
i have you in the palm of my hand
all of your light is gone
dark consumes the inner man.
you are broken now
there's nowhere left to hide
you cannot help yourself
you're dying inside.

i can feel my soul
balling up inside
its not my time to die
can you let me slide?

The only feeling you know now
is that of dread
this was not your decision
but you'll soon be dead.
has your life flashed before you?
was it complete?
any fond memories
for your last heartbeat.

Can you touch me now?
so ill get what i want
alleviate my pain
there's other people to haunt.

you just don't get the picture,
you miss the point,
get lost going in the wrong direction,
waiting for a helping hand,
that you passed along the way,

despite what your given,
you take the worst,
and expect the best,
its a choice you make,
and its time you waste.

you wont open your doors and let me in,
but these people break in all the time,
taking bits and pieces of a life once lived,
give me the key,
or leave me be.

you go back and forth,
hoping for a chance to be set free,
but never opening your eyes to see,
that your trapped in your own cage,
and you've thrown away the key.

despite what your given,
you take the worst,
and expect the best,
its a choice you make,
and its time you waste,
time you've lost.

the shadows cast by your doubt,
turn round and round as the days fly by,
but still you wait in a time that's passed,
not moving in the now,
but living in the then.

you've got to live your life while you've got it,
instead of hiding in that closet,
you've got to open up and grab a hold,
before your left alone in the cold.

the world has passed,
you took the worst,
with nothing left,
you stand alone.

Today will be a winding road
it will take away all that I own
and ill be left here by myself
it will be a mudsliding slope
and it will leave me without a rope
to catch me if I fell
when the tear drops fade
and the rain starts to fall
know that you have it all
when my heart comes to you

and ill wait for you
no matter how long it takes
and ill stay with you
because i wont let you break
i dont care how long ill stay awake
just to be with you

one day it will be a tossed up stone
and ill sing for you all that i wrote
even though you wont believe me
one day when im dead and gone
and when you've moved along
you wont believe what you see

and when the rain drops fall
and when you think you lost it all
ill be here
and when you want to call
and when you think you lost it all
ill be here
signed sincerely me
The first one was pretty good...The last one was decent...The others felt a little forced in some poetry schemes such as the rhyming and the flow was off a tad bit in some areas.
Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum seueriorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis!