Whenever i sng a lot, i yawn. Its weird, and a little bit embarassing, too. How can i solve this odd problem? And mods, if this is in the wrong place move it. What helps me sometimes is ta drink a Monster or an Amp and i dont. Any help? Thanks

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yawning is caused when your brain is not getting enough oxygen. When your tired you dont breathe as much as you do when your more alert.

Practise taking in deeper breaths when you sing. Also maybe try to analyse why you might be tired.. does this happen anytime else during the day? (when your not singing)

getting enough sleep?
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lol... i do that when i sing in church
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happens to me sometimes. sing louder, get more into it.

is this only by yourself or in front of people too?
Well, there have been many speculations as to why people yawn. Many of these may occur when you're singing.

-Lack of oxygen (due to not breathing normally when singing).
-A means of cooling the brain (if you're on stage, it's likely warm up there).
-Nervousness (again, singing on stage?)

I would suggest that you get more sleep, breathe more, and drink an energy drink.
this happens to me sometimes when i'm singing sat.
and notice that on that wikipedia page they say none of the speculations are proven to be a fact lol.
and oh, you should be posting this in the singing thread. the ony which says ONLY