Sorry about the cocky title. But anyways......My band has started recording our first demo. Our name is Steel Martyr. Check out the first 2 songs on our Myspace at Myspace.com/steelmartyrs


Oh, and feel free to send us a friend request, and let us know what you think!
The first one is kind of boring (IMO no offense), but the second one was pretty good.
I don't believe in signatures. Ah, sh...
"not bad, not bad for a loser lol"

from your comments =D

i was expecting some really bad **** cause of the title but it actually was pretty good. im not even into metal (barring maiden) but i liked it.
shred hero, which one played first for you? take whats yours or mutual destruction?
haha i am the singer. I'm just doing it til we can find someone that will work out well.
I can hear what the singer is trying to do, and it could work... If he was a little better.

And yeah, first song was kind of boring but the second one is alright.
Pretty good lyrics. Bad vocals. (but you already explained that)


Holy shyt!!! I was really surprised. Both songs are good. First song just takes awhile to get up to speed.
good work. although your singer might need a tad of work. then you guys would be great
Once again, thanks for the comments guys, and i'm still working on the whole singing thing lol, i think im better in our newest song...