I'm having a strange problem... whenever I pick a string, I hear a loud clicking noise along with the note (it's hard to explain.) It's only noticeable when I play with distortion on the higher strings. Obviously it means I sound pretty bad when playing fast. I'm having the same problem on both my guitars, so I think there may be something wrong with my technique. Anyone have any ideas?
There may not be anything wrong with your technique; it might just be pick noise, especially if it's only noticable on the higher strings and in gain.

Can you maybe post video/sound of the problem? I can't really tell if it's a technique thing unless you do.
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If you mean like a squeaky noise, mainly when hitting higher notes with distortion on.
it's normal, as far as I know.
Some picks are just a little more rough, so they rasp a little. Check out different kinds of picks. I've had a lot of luck with Dunlop Nylons, although if you like heavy picks they might not be your thing because even the thick ones are pretty flexible, just they nature of the material.
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That's fairly common.

What kind of pick are you using? Nylon picks really make a lot of noise when you start getting higher gain. Try the Jazz III picks or a one of those Big Stubbies.

You could also try backing off your midrange a bit, that's usually where most of your pick noise is coming from. Dropping the gain is never a bad idea either. Most people use way more than they actually need.

Still a new pick will make the most difference. But still, it's impossible to completely get rid of the noise.
it might be your amp? what do you use?
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My amp is an MG15CDR (can't afford any better ATM) I'm not really using high gain, It's set to about 3.

I'm using Dunlop gel picks, and they do look rough now that you mention it, so I'll try some different types. Thanks guys. If it doesn't help, I'll try to get a video or something up tomorrow.