I actually prefer the looks of that to the reverse flying v, but I still wouldn't own one.

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Wouldn't be so bad if the headstock didn't look like a retarded version of Celine Dion.
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wow cool...like a reverse flying v but not
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besides the gumby headstock

I don't see whats wrong with it

that pickguard is a bit funky but what the hey

edit: ah, they mirrored the body. The body shape is fine, details need a bit of work but its not a bad starting point
Doesn't look too bad to be honest.
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That headstock....=SSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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I think it looks alright, the headstock is ok, could be better could be worse.
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Its awesome. except for that headstock.. that thing is horrible.

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I actually really like that.

And even the reverse V is nothing compared to a reverse strat I saw on eBay once.
I like it better than the original. But that bottom left "spike" is too long, and the headstock is terrible.
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