So I was playing guitar today and my index finger started having weird pains. I've never had this before its weird. But its kind of annoying when I play guitar. Its only in my left hand index finger from the middle of it up. Any of you know what this is?
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Pain is a message from your body. The meaning is pretty simple, "quit it!" I've had that pain before, usually from long practice sessions. Put the guitar down for a bit.
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exact same problem, its been with me for months now, and hasn't subsided unless I put down my acoustic for a long time. Only to return when I play or type alot. Spread to my right hand too.

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It's totally normal. You have two options;

1-Play and forget about the pain(if it's just burning a bit from your fingers running along the strings). If it's muscular, second choice.
2-Take a little break. If it's muscular, I'd recommend only playing again when it stops hurting.
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Pain can also be a side effect of bad technique. Try playing whatever causes you pain in slightly different ways (different fingers, standing/sitting, etc.) Whatever is comfortable is usually right.
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