Probably a silly question, but I don't really understand what it does. How is it different from a mid-range knob. I have a Marshall MG15CDR if it matters.
When you turn it up the mids go down. That's how most of them work. Pretty much the opposite of a mid knob.
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*hands flameshield* Marshall MGs aren't very popular here

So? He asked a question about the knob, he wasn't asking about buying it or anything that makes people flame MG's.

And yeah, it's what Kevin said, although on a small few amps it is another name for mids, on most amps (e.g. Your MG) it lowers the mids when you turn it up.
It lower the mids.

****ty amp by the way.
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sometimes. like in my friend's MG15 it turns up your mids,
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