I've been practicing this progression -

Imaj7 #I°7 | IIm7 #II°7 | IIIm7 VI7

for the last 10 minutes and and the diminished chords don't seem to blend to well with the minor 7 chords and i wanted to know which songs use this or a similar progression so that i can get an idea of how they are being used, any suggestions?
yuor diminished are gonna be the 7th in the progresion for the basics. a vii0(triad) or a half diminished7th - viim7b5 and the half diminished is a degree with a line through the degree
song stuck in my head today

one common use is as a connecting chord between a V7 and a vi

a diminished 7 chord is like a dominant 7 with a raised root... so you can do something like:

A7 -> A#°7 -> Bm7

and because a diminished 7 chord is effectively 4 chords in one (i.e. A°7 has the same note enharmonically as C°7, Eb°7 and F#°7), you can use their ambiguity to 'drop you off at different floors of the elevator'... i.e. it can resolve equally well in many different directions
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Could you substitute a m7b5 chord for a dominant chord? I know it wouldn't resolve as good to the root chord.
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I'm using these chords :

Cmaj7 C#°7 | Dm7 D#°7 | Em7 A7

I managed to get a nice sound by not staying too much in the diminished chords and adding a fast staccato rhythm to it.