ok i've been playing guitar for a little over three years now and i'm just wondering if i'm up to speed with my guitar skills. everynow and then i feel like im in a rut and i never improve so i just wanna kno if i'm on track or wat i should still learn/know.

ok so i can pretty much do most guitar techniques like alternate pick, hammer on, pull off, tremolo pick, chords, barre chords, harmonics, pinch harmonics, pick scrape, tap.

here are some things i can play to put it more into perspective as to my ability.

my curse-killswitch engage
paper tigers-thrice
calling all cars-senses fail
solo of right side of bed-atreyu
black heart-chimaira
like the first couple riffs of i am legend-arch enemy

i've been looking at the solo for doomsayer (darkest hour) and its still way too fast for me but i think i can play it half speed. i've been starting to learn how to sweep but it seems like i'm getting nowhere. i can do it kinda but my hand still does a little picking motion rather than the smooth more of a strumming motion.

ok i just wanna know how i'm doing and what i gotta learn and stuff. it seems to me that lots of people who have been playing less than me are faster with their fingers or can play harder things than i can.
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Your post means nothing - nobody can tell you how good or bad you are based on a few lines of text detailing what you think you know.

You can't compare yourself to other people because everybody learns differently and at different speeds, if you want an assessment then post some recordings in the recordings section...and this thread will get locked soon because Logz hates them
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try to learn sweeping, i know its hard but with 3 years of experiance you should be able to be good at in in a few months i bet
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and this thread will get locked soon because Logz hates them

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Just like steven said, we cant judge how good you are. The guitar is about sound and music. We cant tell you what it sounds like if you only explain in text. Its like trying to explain to a deaf person what a guitar sounds like.
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