Ive searched google high and low and still cant really find an answer to my problem.

Basically when i boot my computer up it will go so far as the windows logo when loading and will then basically restart, it continues to do this until you power off.

No matter what you press, Safe Mode, Most recent settings etc - it still restarts.

I actually got it repaired about 2 weeks ago, the guy put in a totally new hard drive - however now the problem seems to have returned.

Im getting really naffed off as i paid quite a bit of money for it to be repaired and now the same problem has come back.

Anyone have any solutions?
call tech support

if your computer is under warranty and its found that there are defective parts you can get them replaced for free

my computer (brand new) stopped turning on and i got a new processor, motherboard and ac adapter for no cost
Your computer is a-broked.

This has happened to me TWICE actually.

Both times it was due to power being cut while booting up.
if you reformat it should be fine (that is how I fixed mine twice)
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