Why do all the kids today listen to rap and **** on the radio?
They want to fit in. thats the only reason. if everyone else listens to that ****ty music, they will too. I bet most people here listened to rap at one point in their lives (i did and im not proud of it). Its because society teaches them that you have to listen to this ****e to fit in. Dont get me wrong, some rap is great, but its most of the dumbed down crap about glocks, cash, and hoes that gets played on so called popular radio stations. When the kids see this, they see their friends or the cool kids listening to it so they decide to listen to it themselves. which personally i think is so ****ed up about todays world. You get some dumbass black guy with no talent (Soljer Boi or however the hell you spell it) making billions of dollars off these kids by ramming their **** down their throats and saying "hey listen to this everyone loves it". **** that. She'll probably grow out of it eventuall though. Most kids that dont have the IQ of a baboon start listening to something else (IE: better) around high school or college.

Long story short: society sucks dick. I dont know why it just pisses me off
Anyone think the same way?
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You have to paint it specifically alpine white? Damn, they are real colour-nazis in Berlin.
oh wait...

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But I don't cum blood.
Unless by "cum blood" you mean "have white hair on my balls".
In which case,
yes, I do cum blood.