How are the cleans ... I played a 50 watt 212 at GC but didnt really got to crank it.
I like it though i dont play any metal. Pop Punk is about as heavy as i get. If you think this amp is completly wrong for me please say so...
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This is NOT me advertising my playing. I promise.

Every video on my youtube channel is using my VK, sometimes with a ****ty overdrive pedal.

Now i have the 212 100 watt, not the head, but the amps are similar.

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I have clean clip on my profile listen to it and decide yourself. Im only using a eq pedal.
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If your not looking at getting too hard with the OD try a Peavey Classic 30 or one of the Crate V series (there 50% off right now)

Both beat the VK in the clean department by miles and the OD's of all three are kinda similar
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