ive always been playing on a fixed bridge guitar... i just bought a MIK Lite Ash Strat and it has a trem (standard i think) and im not sure how to fully use it and use it well... other than small vibratos. suggestions?

also, is it normal that it wont stay quite perfectly in tune at all? -.- after using the trem bar?

i can use it both ways and it wont hurt the guitar right? (tighten and loosen)
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there isn't really a whole lot you can do with the trem on a strat other than small vibratos, it's really only made for loosening the strings and will probably throw the guitar out of tune if you use it too hard or too much
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Pulling back gives it a more chance of going out of tune, but just don't go psycho on it.

All guitars go out of tune eventually.
I have heard the 6 screw version has pretty crappy tuning stability, while my Strat with the 2 post pivoting trem stays perfectly in tune, save for when I get the very occasional nut pinch.
Tuning shouldn't be a problem. Even my crappy Indian-made Squier strat's 6-screw trem bridge holds tuning perfectly and hell, I use that thing like a Floyd Rose.

There's a couple of keys to keeping good tuning with a Fender bridge:

1) Make sure your strings were put on correctly. This is the #1 reason why any guitar ever has tuning problems. Even most $50 plywood guitars will hold tuning perfectly so long as they are taken care of properly - making sure you've re-strung the guitar correctly is key to this.

2) Keep your nut lubricated well. If the nut is plastic or bone (I'm pretty sure it'll be plastic, just that this does also apply to bone nuts as well), rub pencil lead into each slot before you re-string it. Or consider getting either a graphite nut or an LSR rollernut fitted. These can be fairly cheap and will help stop the strings from 'binding' at the nut, a common cause of tuning problems, especially with vibrato bridges.

3) Make sure the guitar is intonated well. If your intonation is well off then this could mean the tension in the strings isn't right and they'll slip, causing them to go out of tune often.

4) Make sure your strings are a suitable gauge and kept at the right tension. This typically means .09s for E Standard tuning, .10s for Eb tuning, something like .10-.48 or .54 for Drop D tuning, .11s for tuning to D Standard, etc etc. If the strings you're using are too heavy then the bridge can't work as it's supposed to, you'll have to put more pressure on the bridge to get it to dip properly, and this can pull the guitar out of tune. On the other hand if your strings are too light, they'll slip too much and not be strong enough to hold tune in the first place.

5) If you're using anything other than .09 strings, open up the back and tighten the string tension of the bridge or add an extra spring if you're going much heavier. The key is, you should have enough movement that you can raise the bar by about a half step and you should be able to dip it down low enough to cause the strings to stop vibrating entirely - this usually means the back of the bridge should be lifted off just a couple of millimetres from the body. If the guitar is set up for .09 strings and you add .10 strings, the bridge will raise up too much. Or perhaps you're already using .09 strings and the bridge is raised up too much already? Make sure the bridge's springs are strong enough to return it to this position every single time, no matter what you're doing with it.

6) Smooth movements. No vibrato bridge, even a Floyd Rose, is supposed to be used with sharp movements. Smooth, even movement is what you want. It doesn't matter if you're only dipping it a little bit, all the way, fast or slow - just keep the movement smooth.
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