I'm looking for a song to lear, to play at my college interview on the 2nd...
I'm not very experienced as a player, so im looking for a reletavely easy song, with an easy-ish (ie not fast) and melodic solo or a song without a solo would do.
Either way, the song as a whole cant be too hard, as im not overly good.

Ive been looking at Green Day stuff, and Nirvana stuff, too, but im looking for other stuff.

Any (reasonable) suggestions welcomed.

Try when iu come around-green day, its popular and easy as ****
im assuming you like metallica because of the avatar pic. try for whom the bell tolls the rythym part is pretty easy if youre good with power chords. oh yeah and theres no solo in it
um five finger death punch the blead ding is pretty simple (acoustic),heres the one i tabed
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well if you are willing to play something other than electric, then i suggest "in my place" by coldplay (vers 4 crd), "chasing cars" by snow patrol (vers 1 tab), or "you belong to me" by jason wade (vers 3 tab).

all sound great acoustic, and they're all easy, though they may not be your style.
Sorry, i shouldve said, i already had 1 acoustic piece, i need one electric piece, now.
I'll put when i come around and for whom the bell tolls in the maybe pile.

Any other suggestions??
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iron man-black sabbath

the solos abit hard dont you think???
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i got a good idea. my favorit ong and every one likes it. classical gas. fun and the easy to learn. if the tab on the interent isnt helping you i have three versions of it that are good.
the first version is the easy one the second is the most difficult and the third is the absulout original and my opinion is the best but depends on your skill's. from the sound of thing start off with my easyer version. message me if you are interested?
Local Hero by Mark Knopfler its not too hard and is really melodic and nice.
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