Hey, I just thought ide share some stuff with you guys, and maybe you could share some with me. I was searching videos on youtube, and I have been finding some freakin hilarious musical stuff. What I think makes these so funny is that they are very abstract, yet are awesome. Thet are things that when you first hear it, you're like "that sounds weird and probably not very good", but they turn out to rock, and that surprise of talent and execution is so funny! So check it out, and share if you know of anthing else like this that's out there.

Vocal Barber of Seville

Ukulele Orchestra
Fun Fact: In the soviet union (in b4 soviet russia jokes), playing Do-Re-Mi-Do-Re-Do was considered "Musical Cussing". If a musician played those notes directed at someone, it was considered disrespect. Also, anyone who played those notes in a conservatory would have most likely been kicked out of class.