I just got back from my local guitar store , with a couple questions that i didnt think i could run by the staff.

i play mainly acoustic , so I'm usually roaming around the small acoustic room in search of my first 12 string

i play a fair amount of 12 strings , and my callouses(sp?) get absolutely shredded over the course of playing

I figure "extra string is thinner , and therefore , I will get use to this"

but even alot of the 6 string acoustics I play , it still feels like either the strings are too rough , or the fretboard feels to dry , but the result is inevitable bleeding

its happened to some electrics i play , but never anything other than a rosewood fretboard feels that dry (not all rosewoods)

since my only equipment has a combined value of about $250(consists of 1 epi special les paul and an acoustic from a garage sale) , and that i usually play things about $300+ when im at sam ash , I dont know if its just something im going to have to deal with

Help is mucho appreciated

(P.S. - Why dont acoustics ever have maple necks?)

EDIT : I live in arizona , is this a factor?
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I don't think I see a question in there except for the last bit which I can't help you with, sorry.
EDIT: Ok, I think I get it. Get lighter strings as the guy below me mentioned, and maybe check your fingers to see if they have too much tension while your playing.
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i would try a fresh set of light strings on one. maybe tune it down to d# or D and try it then. a lot of people tune the high G string (tighest on a 12 string) to the same octave as the low by using the same guage and therefore tension or even remove it entirley. ledbelly played his 12 string dropped down to C or C# on many of his recordings.
I live in Peoria, I've been to Sam Ash a couple times and they have the worst service. The guitar selection is pretty limited as well.

maybe try some EXP light strings?