I need an accurate bass note chart and i couldnt find one on google and I already searched for it. Btw its for Jazz band ...
Isn't it a little late to be cramming for jazz band this year?...

Anyway, it's pretty simple and valuable to do yourself, if you need to. The strings start from EAD and G from low to high and then go a half step up from there every fret. B to C is a half step and E to F is a half step. That's all you need. Although it won't help you for jazz band.
ughh i probably worded it wrong, you know those note charts above the tabs in Powertab thats what im talking about, I didnt just use those cause it didnt look right.
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Ahhhhh, I see.
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Is that what you're after? The bottom is the bass clef.

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I've never heard of Middle C. What is it exactly? And does the bass clef have one too...?
oh noes im stupid can you simplify it down to the notes i need this tommorow or i get kicked out and please no do it yourself responses im desperate.
edit: the chart is right but can i have symbols instead of letters.
Good thing theres another bassist there im going to copy off of her and if things turn out right i might even have a new thread in the pit (im going to ask her out )