Im going to be purchasing a new amp soon and i don't know alot about amps. I play mostly all kinds of metal from thrash - death metal. Only using for practice and maybe small gigs. im looking to spend no more the $650. What should i have a look at?
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fender 212's sound pretty good for metal, line6 (sometimes, depending on the settings), my johnson amp is alright, but not alot of deep end on palm muting. Raven amps (newish brand, look em up on guitarcenter.com)
bugera has a 120 watt tube amp taht is amazingly good sounding the 333 is $650
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the bugera sounds pretty good but its at the peak of my price range. anyone own one of the 333 bugera's?
To deny our own impulses, is to deny the very thing that makes us human.
Even though you play mostly metal, it's always good to have a nice clean sound.

Use pedals to get distortion it's the best bet.

Oh, and stay away from marshalls and line 6's. I only suggest high end marshalls.
I would suggest a Crate FW120 2x12. It's 3 channels: High Gain, which is great for Heavy Metal and Solos, Overdrive Channel which is good for Classic Rock and is very versatile, and then the Clean channel which sounds very smooth, which has its own 3-band EQ. The effects are actually pretty nice. And all the channels are footswitchable. Theres a CD input, speaker out, and an effects loop.
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