Hi all,

I don't know much about gear so bear with me, I'm looking for a pedal, or a pedal board (probably not the right term) that I can use to switch between clean and distortion and different presets.

I'm looking to spend less than AU$300, however if i have to buy a whole new amp then I will just save for longer.

I want to be able to switch between presets quickly so I can play music similar to porcupine tree (for eg).

At the moment I have a roland cube 30.

So you are after an overdrive/ distortion pedal or Multi FX?

A single distortion/ OD pedal will igve you a much better sound than the multiple types offered in a cheap multi fx unit, however you can only get the one 'sound", and you are looking for multiple presets.

Check out the Zoom G2.

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You're not looking for a pedalboard, you're looking for a multi-effects unit. A new amp really wont get you what you're after either. Its up to you whether you want a multi-effects unit, or several single effects pedals. Most people tend to say that the effects in the multi fx things are low quality, but having never used one, I cant say for certain.
A pedal board is basically something that you make to hold all your pedals together in one place. Now, you have different options here. You can either buy a multi-effects pedal, or a bunch of single pedals. The advantage to single pedals is that, while they are more expensive, they are more tweakable, and you can get more of the sound you want with them. Multi-FX pedals are great in that they often have many effects, but almost no tone, and you can't really tweak them all that well. You're definitely looking for a single distortion pedal, maybe an overdrive pedal, check out Boss pedals, they make some pretty good ones.
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Thanks for the replies everyone, I think I will definitly do some research on multi-effects pedals.

Another question though, I like the distortion on my amp, is it out the question for a pedal to just switch between those, instead of getting a whole new distortion pedal?