I've had my Fenders Blues Junior with billm mods for a while now. Recently, it has been making crackling and popping sounds whenever I play certain things. Earlier tonight, when I turned it on (with NO cables plugged in!), all i got was a buzzing sound which I could control with the master knob. I turned it off and turned it back on later and the buzzing came back after playing for less than a minute. This time I couldn't control the loudness with anything.

I know the problem isn't my crappy cables because it sometimes makes the noise even with nothing plugged in. Can anyone tell me what I should do?
Hmm..over a year ago. Is this what happens when tubes go bad? My first guess was a loose connection somewhere.
Yeah, thats what happens when your tubes start to die.

and congrats on the amp. My buddy's got one with the billm mods and it sounds great!
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Yeah I love this amp. Always worked fine until now. Should I be looking to replace the bigger tubes or the smaller ones? or all of them? Any suggestions on brands?
Thanks for the quick replies btw.