OK, so I want to build a guitar from chunks of wood. I've done a bunch of guitars from parts, and I'm working on some more neck-related stuff right now - so I'm not a total newbie to this stuff.
The problem is that I don't have a bandsaw, or nearly enough money to get one. When I get all the parts and stuff (might be a while, I've gotta get a LOT of money, and with school starting and whatnot...), I'm going to be using a template from http://www.guitarbuildingtemplates.com/
Do you think I could mark the outline with a sharpie and use a jig saw to roughly go around it, then use a router (with the template as a guide) to clean up the edges?
If not, what else could I do (other than hand saw it)?
router's possible, but if you have a powered jigsaw, you could roughly do it that way, and clean up with the router..

but at that point you may as well have used the router alone...

nonetheless, it will work.

I'll make a build thread when I buy the parts. (I'm thinking about buying 2 body blanks, because I'll probably screw one up) XD
no, think of 2 body blanks as 2 guitars! never assume you'll screw up!

Definitely start out with a jig saw. Try to get it down small enough so your router bit isn't fully surrounded by wood, that just causes issues with burning. Also, I suggest getting a really aggressive jig saw blade, the ones that are gnarly with teeth in both directions, that will make the cut go faster and a little smoother on you.

You're going to have to make a 1/2" or 3/4" template too. I would suggest using your jigsaw and getting it to the exact shape you want the guitar to be. Otherwise, your guitar will be the same shape as your template, so take your
time on the template.
iv never used a bandsaw as i dont have one or have access to one and i do ok. just be careful with a jigsaw - the blade can wander a bit and while it might look fine from the top, from the bottom the blade might have gone past the outline of the body. make sure you take it slow and let it cool down every so often too
oh youll be fine with a jigsaw just one more thing to look out for. Make sure that the base of the jigsaw is completely flat as they can get pushed around in the box if its not undo the bolts and restraigten or you can get an angled cut which happened to me my first time
good lcuk
I'd think a Jigsaw or a scroll saw. A scroll saw is a powered coping saw, really.
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I'm using a coping saw for my body. Time and hard work is all that's needed
Well, I definitely want to buy a bandsaw as some point, I'm just not sure how much money I'll be able to scrape together for this project. If I can get enough, I will definitely buy one.
i've done it with just a coping saw (and a swiss army knife saw!) for an acoustic violin project (thinner wood to work with) its a matter of convenience and precision
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hell, im even using a handheld jigsaw!!!! its very possible, not as accurate as a bandsaw, so cut a little around the edges and use a rasp/router/somthing else like that to clean it up, but it works

EDIT: also, like u said, u need the money and schools startin. heres some advice. buildin a guitar in winter sucks. so save up and plan it out to do it next summer. thats what i did and so far the year of planning is turning out nicely for me.
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